About Robyn

Robyn McLeod is an Indigenous artist who is of M├ętis and Dene ancestory from the Dehcho Region. Robyn currently lives in Ross River, Yukon with her family while she does her art fulltime.

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Dene Futurisms

Dene Futurism is threading together traditional knowledge, technology & unifying them together into a future present within the Cosmos. It's important to be able to imagine Dene still here, despite facing misrepresentation and erasure within many different aspects but especially through art. It's important to show that despite all the barriers we face, together we are still resisting, resilient and practicing self determination.

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Indigenous Made

All designs are authenically made. Robyn blends traditional and comtempary art practices in all of her designs. Materials are tradtionally harvested by her family and friends.